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J&J Liquid Waste Services is a Certified Grease Waste Hauler for the city of Anderson.

Please give us a call to schedule for your grease trap or grease interceptor cleaning and annual inspection. agraph here.Lqi


Grease t​rap cleaning, Why and what for?


Like most municipalities in the United States, the City of Anderson is implementing a FOG elimination program to keep FOG out of the environment, and J&J Liquid Waste Services is here to help.


Restaurants​ and other food processing facilities produce Fats, Oils, and Grease, an industry term known as FOG.

Grease trap and grease interceptors are put in place at these facilities to catch FOG so it doesn't  make its way into the sewer system.

When Grease Traps are not cleaned regularly, FOG will impact in a grease trap and overrun into the public sewer system. 

Eventually FOG solidifies and accumulates in public sewer systems to a point that causes sewers to overflow into the environment, causing health concerns for the public and expensive maintenance and repair costs for taxpayers.

Maintaining your Grease Trap or Grease Interceptor is extremely beneficial for your business as a restaurant owner or manager. Over time FOG that is left in your grease trap becomes acidic and actually corrodes the integrity of your system. Even metal and concrete traps will disintegrate under these conditions.  Grease interceptors that are left uncleaned with high FOG output can actually become so impacted they must be completely removed and replaced, and cannot be cleaned manually.  FOG related backups can also occur on your premises. These scenarios are much more expensive and can be avoided by simply having your Grease Trap/interceptor cleaned on a regular basis.

Restaurant owners can avoid clogged sewer lines and lost business by having their grease trap cleaned on a regular basis. J&J would be happy to set your business up on a reliable service schedule based on your needs and as required by your local government.